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Is Bill Clinton the Anti-Christ?

Many people have suggested that Bill Clinton is the Anti-Christ. There are some legitimate reasons. The Anti-Christ is to turn the day to night and night to day. He is supposed to completely reverse perceptions. That people think Bill Clinton is the Anti-Christ is understandable.

Bill Clinton is after all, the master of contradiction and deceit. He does make the truth seem as lies, and lies seem as truth. He is, after all, the man said that "it all depends on what 'is' is". He claims that oral sex isn't sex, perjury isn't lying, and that cigars aren't for smoking. He even said that lying under oath is 'defending the Constitution'!

The comedian Argus Hamilton pointed out that Bill Clinton is the first white Southerner who fled to Harlem for his safety.

The time is at hand for the Anti-Christ. In October or 2000, Chris Rock was asked who he was voting for. He said it didn't matter because the end of the world was at hand. He said that the signs were here. He pointed out that the world's best rapper was white, while the world's best golfer was black. (Eminem and Tiger Woods for the unhip) If that wasn't enough, the Chicago Cubs are leading their division (August 2001).

But Bill Clinton is not the Anti-Christ

All of these are straws being grasped by desperate people. People have been looking for the Anti-Christ for years, looking for the signs. One of the problems is that they've been looking for one person. However, just as God has a Trinity of three parts, so too does the devil have three parts, a father, mother and child. Bill Clinton isn't the Anti-Christ, Bill and Hilary are the Anti-Christ, or at least two thirds of it.

This becomes obvious once it is considered. Bill has never acted alone. He has always worked in conjunction with Hilary ("We are the President..."). Even when the worst of the impeachment trial was going on, she never abandoned him. This is because they are two phases of the same entity.

They present the paradoxical duality of the Anti-Christ. They show sweet deception on their faces, the lies we want to hear, but they have the evil core, the core that wants to capture, control, and consume. This also explains that regardless of how bad they act or what they do wrong, they come off as charming people who earn loyalty so powerful that people go to jail for them. As Peggy Noonan said "Never has the admirable been so fully wedded to the appalling".

We know this because of their ability to escape punishment. They can do what they want and "magically" get away. Is it any coincidence that the critics who complained the loudest were all found to be hiding dark secrets themselves? (Gingrich, Hyde, Boortz, and Burns) They have a way to bring the worst out in people. Unlike Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan, they have no faith in America or Americans.

We know this by the devil's pact signed by New York. They provided support to Hilary's Senate campaign in 2000 and she delivered the Yankee/Mets subway World Series. This rewarded her minions and distracted her critics. New York felt so good about the games they repaid her two weeks later with their votes.

Who is the Third devil?

Bill and Hilary are two thirds, but who is the third person? It will be a child, or one who acts like a child. It isn't Chelsea. She is a perfectly normal child, sort of camouflage for the family. It isn't Michael Jackson. He is a good guess, but he was an angel who fell. He may yet play a role in saving the world.

My guess is that the child won't be revealed until after Hilary becomes President in 2004. A three-named child like Haley Joel Orment or Mary Kate Olson would make sense since numerology shows us that William = 6, Jefferson = 6, Clinton = 6 for 666 and Hilary = 6, Rodham = 6, and Clinton = 6 for 666. Haley Joel isn't it because his name adds up to 724. Mary Kate is too old.

Who knows, it might even be Socks the cat. That would be a surprise.

What is the Final Sign?

There will be one sign that will show the end is at hand.

The crust of the earth has cracks between the plates. Some seams are spreading apart while others are riding over another. Oceanographers and geologists discovered this when they drilled core samples in the Mid-Atlantic ridge. They discovered a mirrored pattern of rocks on opposite sides of the crack, showing the continuos spread of the plates. They also discovered a curious pattern. Every couple of eons the magnetic polarity of the alignment of the crystals in the rocks would reverse. The polarity of earth's protective magnetic field would flip-flop and the poles reverse. Its has happened dozens of times.

This is the final sign. We will wake one day and find our compasses pointing south. Our toilets will flush clockwise. North will be south, south will be north, truth will be lies and lies will be truth, and we'll finally know what "is" is.

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