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Assorted Quotes

"You can't manage knowledge. Knowledge is between two ears and only between two ears." Peter Drucker

"Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction after all, has to make sense."
-Mark Twain

"Robert Hanssen, the spy for Russia, has been accused of spending nearly half the money the Russians gave him, half of the $600,000 dollars, on strippers and crack. The other $300,000 he just wasted. "
Craig Kilborn

"Tee ball is like baseball except there is no pitching kind of like the Mets! "
Dave Letterman

'I want people to laugh at me because I'm shoving broccoli up my nose and not for what I look like. "
Bobby Hill of King of the Hill

"A state senator in Texas was charged with soliciting sex for money from an undercover police officer. "You know who I'm embarrassed for? His parents," "Now the whole world knows their son is a politician." Jay Leno.

"Chandra, according to the accounts of those close to her, wanted to marry Mr. Condit and have his baby. The sexual freedom that's the fashion today did not stop her from dreaming of a monogamous relationship. Rhetoric and attitudes about sex may have changed, but the feelings in the secret places of the heart have not. "
Suzanne Fields The Washington Times

"To me, "Sir" is anyone who can whoop my ass or might buy something. "

"Morality goes to 6 zeros, then anything goes. "
Tracy Miller

"There are 3 magical spirits: Champagne, single-malt Scotch, and Tequila."

"Just because it tastes awful doesn't mean you can't drink it."
Keith Jones (on American beer)

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