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"If Russia's high mortality rate and low fertility rate continue, by mid-century its population, currently 146 million, will have declined by 30 percent, and will be smaller than the populations of Iran or Vietnam. Russia is becoming a Third World country with a hunter-gatherer economy. In the words of Jeffrey Tayler, in The Atlantic Monthly (``Russia is Finished''), Russia is becoming ``Zaire with permafrost.'' It is ``following the path of Mobutu's Zaire, becoming a sparsely populated yet gigantic land of natural resources exploited by an authoritarian elite as the citizenry sinks into poverty, disease and despair.'' Russia's economy, which is now about the size of the Netherlands', is negligibly based on manufacturing products competitive in world markets. It is based on extraction industries--oil, gas, minerals. Oil alone provides one-third of state revenues."
George Will

What is a communist? One who hath yearnings for equal division of unequal earnings."
Ebenezer Elliott 1781 - 1849

"Price caps do nothing to reduce demand, and they do nothing to increase supply." Bush said price limits are politically appealing but create "more serious shortages and therefore, even higher prices."
George W. Bush

"The market knows only two emotions: fear and greed,"
Mr. Vinod Khosla (VC)

"Steve Sylvester, CEO of Internet referral service zREP, feels Clinton administration officials intentionally left the Internet alone because they couldn't get their hands around it. Meanwhile, others cited the administration's proactive Internet policies for their high ratings. Perhaps these varied results represent what historians may come to recognize as Clinton's true legacy: Apparently, he is a man with an uncanny ability to satisfy almost everybody, almost all the time - whether or not he acted on an issue."
Tom Monroy , Interactive Week

"If it were possible to wipe out the legacy of slavery by writing a big, fat check, I'd be all for it. But there are no easy solutions, and the payment of reparations to the descendants of slaves certainly isn't the answer.
It's just more of the same liberal cure-all: Let government redistribute money from one group to try to solve the problems of another.
Slavery will always remain America's Original Sin. But the best way to absolve ourselves is not by writing a check but by resolving never again to treat another human being as less than our equal because of the color of his skin."
Linda Chavez

"Remember...a developer is someone who wants to build a house in the woods. An environmentalist is someone who already owns a house in the woods."
--Dennis Miller

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