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Al Gore Should Have Been President

This article was made out of date on 9/11. Thank God we have a Texan for President and a vice-president from Wyoming, who have a Jamaican from the streets of New York as their chief advisor!
- PBS 9/29/2001

January 2001

Al Gore should have been named president in 2000. This doesn't mean that I thought he was actually elected, its just that America would be a better place in 2004 with Al Gore as president.


The economy of the 1980's were the result of the Reagan Bubble. It was presumed that Ronald Reagan would be good for business because of his 'lower taxes and cut government' platform. People put a little money into stocks in case he was effective. As people put money into the market, the market increased. People saw the rise and put a little more in. Soon the trickle became a creek and then a river.

Jerry Ford was right. He knew that economics is largely psychological. He tried to beat inflation with his WIN buttons (Whip Inflation Now). He knew if people thought things were going to get better, they would. It just took some one with Reagan's confidence and persona to pull it off.

I felt sorry for whoever followed Reagan. If people thought that the economy was taking a downturn, they would start acting like it was in a downturn. Soon it would become a self-fulfilling prophesy with a market reversal.

This happened to George Bush. The economy dipped in the early years of his term, but picked up at the end.

Clinton benefited from Reagan's economic plans. The tax cuts and healthy economy allowed people to invest in new companies, new companies like Intel and Microsoft and 3Com and Qualcomm and US Robotics, and all the other companies that help revolutionize the economy and cause a major boom. Clinton also benefited from an adversarial congress who prevented him from messing with the economy too much.

Clinton made a major mistake, though. Bill wasn't content to leave things alone. We had two mules pulling our economy, Intel and Microsoft. Bill shot one in the leg and then held the gun to the head of the other. The economic wagon jolted to a halt, and dot-coms started to drop like flies. Who ever followed Bill Clinton would inherit his dying economy.

The Setup

Democrats are brilliant. The Democratic party, however, has no morals. They once were the party of the people, helping the common man, but they are now only concerned with concentrating the power of their ruling elite. Compare the Democratic Party's attitude towards Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy as opposed to their attitude towards Zell Miller, Bill Bradley, or Jimmy Carter.

But, although the are immoral people, they are brilliant marketers. They are masters of the catch-phrase, slogan, and sound bite. They can take the most blatant lie, spin it in honey, and march a dozen spokespeople out on the talk shows to flood the airways. They are a propaganda machine that would make Goebbels jealous.

Republicans are stupid. One of the reason that the Democrats have done so well is that the Republicans are idiots. First, they lost track of the Reagan ideals of 'lower taxes and less government'. Second, they don't have anyone who can present their ideals to the public. Everytime the Democrats lose ground with their scandals, the Republicans blow their chance by trotting out Trent Lott or Jesse Helms to rail about 'homersecksualls' and 'ferners'.

Back to 2000

If Al Gore was elected president, he would be a one-term president. The economy would tank because of Clinton's stupid economic programs. Al doesn't have the charisma and savvy to put of a turn around. He would be soundly defeated in 2004.

The Republicans wouldn't run an effective campaign in 2004. Since they are idiots, they would run some half-baked candidate like Bob Dole's dog.

People would be ready for a change. Jesse Ventura would finally come out of the closet and admit that he was a Libertarian. He would get the Libertarian presidential bid. Jesse's celebrity would attract attention, much like Ralph Nader received. Once they are exposed to it, people would realize that the Libertarians have a platform that is logical, inclusive, and broad reaching. Jesse would win the election, starting a major improvement in the government.

What if Bush is Elected?

If George W. Bush is elected, he'll have problems. The Democrats will not give him a moment of peace, but will fight for the 2004 election from the day of the inauguration. The economy will tank and Bush will get the blame instead of having it placed at Clinton;s feet where it belongs. George W. Bush will be a one-term president.

Who will then be elected in 2004?

The 2004 election will go to the most powerful Democrat in America. The election will go to one of the most brilliant and manipulative politicians our country has every known. The 2004 election will be won by Hillary Clinton. She will run and she will win.

This is why Al Gore needs to be elected president, to protect us from Hillary!

Adversity magnifies deep character flaws that no pair of sunglasses can conceal. Hillary Clinton's resentful visage and insouciant behavior this past week reveal that -- like her husband -- she suffers from a fatal inability to put love of country above love of self.
-- Michelle Malkin Jewish World Review 9/28/2001
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